What is Tetanus ? | Causes, Treatment & Symptoms of Tetanus


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What is Tetanus ?

In Tetanus, the body becomes crooked like a bow, convulsions occur intermittently, there is contraction and stiffness in the muscles. If the disease attacks, the life of the patient can end within two days to ten days. Very few patients survive this deadly infection. Prevention becomes difficult when tetanus occurs, so protective measures should be taken in advance.

Causes of Tetanus

This disease is caused by the infection of bacteria called 'Clastridium tetani'. These bacteria live in animal and its feces, dust and dirty places and do not get destroyed even after boiling. There is a possibility of infection due to injury due to rusted iron, etc. These bacteria also enter the body through wounds or minor injuries.

Symptoms of Tetanus

1) The disease gradually takes over the body. (How does tetanus disease occur) Jaws are clenched, neck is stiff, there is difficulty in opening the mouth.

2) There is difficulty in eating, drinking or swallowing any object.

3) Stiffness in the back, it turns arched backwards, convulsive attacks occur. The stomach becomes very tight.

4) Consciousness remains, unconsciousness does not occur.

5) The brow and the tip of the mouth are pulled outwards, which makes the face look like a squid.

6) The sequence of attacks is started. In the acute phase of the disease, the time between two seizures is shortened and muscles become stiff.

7) The patient gets an attack of convulsions by touching, moving or making noise.

8) The eyes go up. As the condition worsens, seizures begin to occur more frequently.

9) Death can occur in 4-5 days from pneumonia, high fever or heart attack.

The symptoms of Dhanushtankar are also similar to those of meningitis and rabies.

Treatment on Tetanus

1) In case of injury anywhere, the wound should be washed with hydrogen peroxide or Dettol etc. and tetanus injection should be given immediately.

2) The patient should be kept in a cool, quiet, dark room. In order not to waste time, treatment should be started as soon as possible under the supervision of a qualified doctor.


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