Ayurvedic Treatment and Medicine for Arthritis | Types, Symptoms and Causes


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What is Arthritis ?

With age, the tissues of the body start to weaken. Various joints of the body start to wear out. In such a condition, there is pain in the joints, there is distaste for food, there is excessive thirst, pain starts in the joints of hands, feet, thighs, heels and waist etc., swelling (swelling) also occurs in the knees. As the disease progresses, there is severe pain while walking. The arthritis that occurs due to aging is called Osteoarthritis, the arthritis caused due to inflammation or inflammation in the joints is called Rheumatoid Arthritis. Gout caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the joints is called gouty arthritis. Arthritis caused by blood clots in the joints due to bleeding in hemophilia is called acute arthritis. Bone joints are also affected in tuberculosis and rheumatism.


Types, Symptoms and Causes  of Arthritis

1) Asteo Arthritis :

It starts after about 50-55 years. There is pain in the knee, shoulder and spine. After the cartilage of the joints wears out, the bone starts to wear out, the edges become sharp. There is a cracking sound when the joint is moved. Gradually the pain increases. The movement of the joints decreases. It should be kept in mind that in such a situation, walk a lot, do light exercise and keep taking the medicine regularly. Even after recovery, the pain can sometimes start again. It becomes difficult to get up and walk. When the knee is completely damaged, surgery becomes necessary rather than medicine.

2) Rheumatoid Arthritis :

This disease is especially found in women above 40 years of age. The knee, ankle and hand joints are particularly affected. The patient should keep doing something or the other continuously. Along with this, rest is also needed. There appears to be benefit from injections of cortisone. Surgery is required in the malignancy.

3) Arthritis of the spine :

The patient leans forward. Apart from the spine, the hip and shoulder are also affected. This disease occurs especially in men.

4) Gouty Arthritis :

This disabling disease occurs due to the accumulation of uric acid grains in the cartilage of the knee joint. In medicine, uric acid granules do not accumulate, they take measures to prevent it. For this, we try to reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood. Drugs and non-vegetarians are mainly helpful in the origin of this disease. They should be stopped immediately. There should be vegetarianism and stress free routine.

5) Joints T.B. :

This disease is caused by malnutrition. The disease attacks the joints. Tuberculosis of the lungs also reaches the joints of the bones. Its symptoms are similar to those of arthritis. It is treated with long-term therapy of tuberculosis.

6) Shoulder Tightness :

Swelling occurs in the muscles that surround the shoulders. Shoulders do not move naturally. Injection of hydrocortisone and baking with ultrasonic rays provides relief in pain.

Ayurvedic Treatment and Medicine for Arthritis

Following ayurvedic remedies may recommend for people with Arthritis :

    1) In the morning, boil one putty garlic in half a kilo of milk. When half a loaf of milk remains, filter it and drink it. On the second day two garlic cloves, on the third day three garlic cloves, in the same way, on the eleventh day, on the eleventh day, boil eleven one putty garlic in milk and filter it and drink the milk. From the twelfth day onwards reduce the number of garlic one by one.

    2) Boil 10 grams of Punarnavaki root in 100 grams of water and drink it after filtering 25 grams remaining.

    3) Take two tablets of Yograj Guggul with hot water in the morning and evening.

    4) Ashwagandha, Chopchini, Peepalmool, Dry ginger- Drink equal quantity of its powder with milk in the morning and evening.

    5) After baking at the joints, apply ghee on the ready leaves and tie them.

    6) Swallow 10 grams fenugreek seeds at bedtime and drink water.

    7) Massage Narayan oil on the place of pain.

                Diet for Arthritis

                Consumption of items like wheat, millet, roti, fenugreek, amaranth, bitter gourd, tinda, apple, papaya, grapes, dates, garlic etc. is beneficial.

                Arthritis Foods to Avoid

                Rice, potato, cabbage, radish, beans, gram, urad dal, banana, orange, lemon, guava, tomato, curd and all air-borne substances, diabetic, over-exertion, etc. increase the disease.


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